Self-Love Corner

A place to go for loving thoughts. I continually add to this page as new words on love come to me. Be kind to you whatever you do. You are the only you you have.


Self-love is not just feeling good about yourself. It is not just learning to speak kindly and compassionately to yourself. It is not just learning to love over the darkness inside of you.

Self-love is the act of showing up for yourself. Learning to be present with yourself. Learning to listen to yourself and have the courage to heed your own words. It is learning to turn all that magnificent love you pour into everyone else’s needs, words and wants– inwards.

It is learning to hold a torch of hope so high for yourself, you can’t help but embody your true self and not some image of who you think you’re supposed to be for others.

Self-love is the ultimate way to learn to be your brightest self, put your hand on your heart and feel your own beat of purpose, and thank the stars by honoring the gift that is your life.


Living your life diminished- being a lesser you because you believe some person, system or structure requires it of you- is the equivalent of chronically apologizing for your existence.

And if there is one thing that the air in your lungs- which continually sings “I am” with your every breath- and your gift of life did not intend for you to do is sacrifice your life to apology. You are here to be your brightest self not a pale imitation. Live shiny. Don’t be afraid of your own glow.

The world can always use more stars to light the way.


Self-love isn’t really something that can be taught. It is something we have to learn to live, learning to soften every time we run up against a hard angle of our self, learning to be kind every time we encounter an unkindness.

It is a daily choice. Not one that comes easy, not one that comes lightly, but one that holds the power to utterly transform our inner worlds, so even with the occasional bramble and thorn, our roses will always bloom complete and whole. 


Before you say it to yourself- STOP.

Would you say it to a friend? Would you say it to someone you loved? Would you say it to someone you cherish in your heart?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then why, why, why would you say it to yourself?

You deserve beautiful words. You deserve beautiful language. You deserve a vocabulary of grace. Starting with what you say to you. 


Listen to your intuition. Pay attention to the whispers of your heart for they contain great wisdom. Embrace change and be ready to welcome it in and adapt when it comes knocking at your door. Give the dog a bath for cleaner and fluffier cuddle time.

Clear space to nurture your inner garden, less it wilt and diminish. Speak your truth even when it’s hard. Learn to love yourself seamlessly- in a way where even on your worst of days you recognize you are fundamentally enough and have always been okay, even when things aren’t okay.

And make sure you’ve stocked up on scented candles, good books and chocolate chip cookies for those moments when you need a little extra care.


You are worth good things for your heart. You are worth people who treat you well and see your value. You are also worth people who treat themselves well and see their own value- for it it very hard for people to value in others what they do not value in their own self.

We get the love we think we deserve, so treat yourself with exquisite kindness and radical love and surround yourself with those who do the same.

Because you are worth, exactly that.


Two extraordinarily powerful words: I AM.

And you get to choose what comes after these words. I am magnificent? I am going to have a good day? I am deserving of great love? I am loved? I am unhappy? I am worthless? I am unlovable? I don’t think we always realize that we have a constant chatter inside of us giving us feedback all day long. It is up to us to determine the nature of that feedback.

Most people can still easily recall hateful critical words that were spoken to them at some point in life and feel the scar tissue in the wound that venom left. We work hard not to say hurtful disparaging things to others- why do we do this to ourselves? The power of our inner language is some of the most powerful communication that there is. Be kind to yourself. Use your words to build yourself up, not tear yourself down.

Your ability to receive love starts with you learning to love yourself and loving yourself means speaking kindly to YOU.