Magic Makers: from Cranberry Dusk

Every month I share an excerpt from one of my books. For September, I’m sharing an inspirational poem from Cranberry Dusk that encourages us to embrace our differences and uniqueness. Because this world needs more dreamers, visionaries, wishers, star gazers, and magic makers. In peace and love, BethAnne   Magic Makers You don’t have to be what this world tells you to be or kneel … Continue reading Magic Makers: from Cranberry Dusk

New Autumn: September Updates

We are halfway through September, and though the island of Kauai does not have yellow leaves or orange foliage or that crisp scent in the air, the mornings are getting a bit cooler; the high 80’s of August are dropping to the low 80’s as the trade winds slowly return; and I wore a pair of sweat pants the other evening for the first time … Continue reading New Autumn: September Updates