Mosaics: Learning to Embrace Our Whole

There is a huge place for positivity in this world. Rainbows and unicorns; finding happiness and pursuing joy. Good words of light and loving energy are like ice-cream sandwiches for the soul, and who doesn’t like a good old fashioned ice-cream sandwich? But there is also a huge place for the dark. For the mud disguised as dirt that is really a healing agent here … Continue reading Mosaics: Learning to Embrace Our Whole

On Letting Go

Life has a way of moving us along. Crissing and crossing us. Sometimes towards one another and sometimes apart; the siphoning of apart usually being more painful and stretching than the connectivity and receptivity of towards. But we are not meant to stay the same throughout our time lines and neither are our relationships. For relationships, like life, like ourselves, are fluid, dynamic, and subject … Continue reading On Letting Go