On Letting Go

Life has a way of moving us along. Crissing and crossing us. Sometimes towards one another and sometimes apart; the siphoning of apart usually being more painful and stretching than the connectivity and receptivity of towards. But we are not meant to stay the same throughout our time lines and neither are our relationships. For relationships, like life, like ourselves, are fluid, dynamic, and subject … Continue reading On Letting Go

Heliotrope Nights: My Serenity Prayer

These days, time is sneaking by so quietly I almost forgot to announce that I have a new book coming out tomorrow (here’s a sneak peek via the trailer)! My wonderful publisher timed the release for World Environment Day since Heliotrope Nights is a celebration of nature and spirit and soul. The funny things about publication is that by the time the book is published you … Continue reading Heliotrope Nights: My Serenity Prayer

Fifty-Two: From Lamentations of the Sea

Fifty-two. The number of weeks I have left in Alaska. Well, give or take a few since life can sometimes have its own timetable, but approximately one year from today we will be pulling up stakes and moving on across the waters to Kauai. I drove to work this week thinking of the number 52 in my mind. That if things do fall out the … Continue reading Fifty-Two: From Lamentations of the Sea