Hello, I am BethAnne Kapansky Wright, thank you for stopping by my site- here’s a little bit more about me.

I got my start in the field of healing as a Clinical Psychologist, where I ran a private practice in Anchorage, Alaska specializing in trauma therapy, grief work, women’s issues, life transitions, and helping people find healing in their relationships, especially their relationship with their self.

A natural empath and intuitive, I began to see growth in these gifts in accordance with the growth and changes in my life over the last 7 years. These gifts gradually translated into beginning to write; reading tarot cards; and having a keen sense of clairvoyant perception, which not only helped support me in my practice and therapeutic work, but left me in wide eyed wonder over my burgeoning sense of the unseen world and how deep and rich and near is the presence of spirit.

My life changed in January 2016 when my brother crossed over to the other side. It was an unexpected soul shattering loss of massive proportion. The subsequent months constituted a breaking of self and a heart aching journey through the land of grief, coupled with a very strong presence of my brother and a rapid fire acceleration of psychic and spiritual gifts.

I existed in a strange grace state, vacillating back and forth between my grief’s deepest dark and love’s highest light. During this time I felt compelled to write Lamentations of The Sea: 111 passages on grief, love, loss, and letting go, as a lighthouse of hope to anyone who have ever loved and lost, and as a transparent offering- told from a unique personal, psychological, and spiritual perspective- to the field of grief.

During this time I also felt compelled to move to Kauai- a move my husband and I had already been contemplating- sooner rather than later. In July of 2017 him and I, along with two sweet dogs and a temperamental cat, made that move; I now reside up in the jungles of this living, breathing island- grateful, each and every day for being able to live in such a magical place.

At present, my work consists of offering intuitive readings; continuing my practice via tele-health; teaching through writing and speaking; and various other creative odds and ends. I am also working on the sequel and counterpart to Lamentations of The Sea– my brother’s side of the story and my experiences with him and spirit since his passage. Revelations of The Light: 111 passages on soul, spirit, the afterlife, and finding my brother on the other side¬†will be out in 2018.

As with all things in life, this site is an evolving entity. I will be sharing weekly channelings along with various words of healing and inspiration. I’m open to reader feedback on what you’d like to see more of, so please feel free to leave a note if something resonates.

We are all in this together. I know it doesn’t always feel like it, but we are. Each of us working on being the person we feel called to be in this world, each of us learning about love through out own path of soul, all of us connecting and intersecting and helping each other along the way. And I hope this site helps make a positive contribution to that.

In peace and love,


Author’s Note: All words and art on this site are my. Photography courtesy of Pexels (I love you stock photography, so, so much) unless otherwise specified.

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