January Update: New Direction

Before I write anything else, I want to let everybody know that I am transferring sites, and if you’d like to continue to receive posts when I blog, you can follow me at bethannekw.blog – its still a bit of a work in progress, but I got enough done that I made the site public today. Phew!

It’s a new year with new space, and so I’ve created a new space, which hopefully has more content and information along with a simpler name. I will leave this site up for another month or so, in case anybody else wanders through, and then delete it when my subscription is up in February; all old posts have already been transferred over to my new home on the web. Again- phew!

These days I continue to learn a great deal about embracing change, not being afraid to experiment and try new things, and not taking myself too seriously. Truth is that I feel a bit like an awkward freshman ever since I arrived in Kauai- I seem to keep having growth spurts and mood swings and all sorts of heart lessons that continue to shape and stretch and rearrange me.

I’ve been searching for the places I belong and going through all that adolescent identity stuff as I differentiate from my former life in Alaska and let myself reform here.

I’ve gained a bit more courage and a clearer voice. I started a YouTube station. I offered free mini-intuitive readings over the holidays to facebook friends. I’ve begun to read my poetry on the beach and share videos of it. I’ve written more articles and talked about my experiences with spirit. Piece by piece the old shell keeps falling away and I’m continuing to reform anew.

Thank you so much for joining me here this past year and supporting the journey! Feel free to check out my site if you’d like- as with me, I have a feeling it will continue to evolve in content and nature- but we all have to start somewhere, and for now this feels like a solid step in a new direction.

In peace, BethAnne

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