Own Yourself

“It really isn’t serving you to not speak your truth. It served you in Anchorage when your truth was still tender and you didn’t have the support. But here it no longer serves, because you do have the support- energetically and spiritually- in a way you didn’t before. You need to get used to just saying it and finding ways to embrace it.”

This was a direct message I received in a channeling yesterday. Now that I’m over in Kauai, I work daily, for myself and others, with spirit, whether its through meditation or channeling or the occasional tarot reading. More often than not though, it just comes to me these days without formally trying.

And the message that has been coming through strong and clear on multiple fronts this week: own yourself.

Back in Alaska, I felt like I always had to keep this part of myself hidden. At best, I tucked it to the side and only allowed it out around a select few people, who wouldn’t look at me like I’d said something crazy, then give me the deer in the headlights look as we would awkwardly change topics.

So far over here, nobody has batted an eyelash when I talk about my spiritual gifts. If anything, they are open, curious, and tend to kindly embrace it. A new friend of mine who does energy work, and is an intuitive himself, actually challenged me to be more truthful: Why aren’t you writing about this on your blog? You need to own it. Owning it will free you emotionally and create space for more things to manifest.

So this is me, owning it.

I am a Clinical Psychologist, for over 15 years. Grounded and solid in mind, I know a lot about healing, trauma, therapy, and the journey of being human. I am also an Intuitive Healer and Psychic Sensor. And though that part of myself has a bit of catch up to do with my psychologist side, I am a quick study. Also things have been happening at a rapid fire rate lately, as if this island is rocketing me through growth in this area.

Being over here has made me realize that I wasn’t given these gifts to hide; I was given them to help love and heal.

So on that note, I will be sharing more topics related to spirit on my site. In addition, I am thinking about sharing a weekly channeled message from spirit via tarot or the akashic records- please feel free to leave a comment or simply a star for “like” on this post if that is something that interests you.

In the meantime, life right now is a rush of creativity and writing; expansion and growth; heart stretching and mind listening; grocery runs and mundane errands and the satisfaction and fatigue from the simple acts of daily living; prayers for peace and compassionate thoughts for all that is broken and in need of healing in this world – –

All of it bound together with the Spirit of Kauai. Last night She spoke to me out on the lanai as the rain played “taps” in observance of all the tragedy and sorrow that passed in the day. Love, she simply said. Keep finding a way to bring all things back to a space of love.

And first, my dear, that begins with owning yourself. 

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