Magic Makers: from Cranberry Dusk

Every month I share an excerpt from one of my books. For September, I’m sharing an inspirational poem from Cranberry Dusk that encourages us to embrace our differences and uniqueness. Because this world needs more dreamers, visionaries, wishers, star gazers, and magic makers.

In peace and love,


Magic Makers

You don’t have to be
what this world tells you to be
or kneel to an altar that only
houses shadows on a cave.

You could twist yourself
into a million knots
trying not- –
to let them see the truth:
that you don’t fit in.

But my dear boy,
those boxes were made
for other squares,
when you’re a star
waiting to shine and cast
your light so bright
in the night- –

You fly with the
birds of Never Land.

Never let them tell you
who to be or be anything less
than your real self,
and my dear boy don’t forget
when the flick of odd stings- –

That stardust was made
for the magic makers.

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