Brave Heart

Dear Brave Heart,

It’s been on my heart for awhile to start a “letters from a therapist” section on my website.

I got the idea last year when I considered writing a book with this theme and compiling the various thoughts, reflections and wisdoms I’ve jotted down throughout my years of working therapeutically with people. Deep down we are so similar, so many of the themes of what it is to be human are themes we all struggle with and identify with. And it can be incredibly encouraging to know we are not alone in our experience of life and self.

Maybe someday that book will happen, but for today I’d just like to create a cozy corner on this site that somebody can come tuck into for awhile if they are in need of perspective and warmth.

I called you a brave heart, because I believe it takes a lot of courage to simply be in this world. Even more courage if you are trying to become bigger and brighter, to grow your spirit and soul, to be a more expansive person than you were before. I believe we habitually underestimate the extreme amount of courage that kind of emotional honesty and self-introspection takes.

So if you are reading and connecting with these words, then I think it is fair to say you are entreating with life with a great deal of courage brave one.

For today, I want to simply say, Hello, and that I hope as I expand on this category that topics such as self-compassion, self-kindness, authenticity, loneliness, love, and I guess whatever else comes to mind, create a word mosaic of comfort and hope.

Be well and be brave wherever you find yourself at. Most of us are always doing better than we think we are, always have more to give than we think we do, and can always give ourselves a much higher dose of compassion, kindness, and grace.

In peace,

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