Dialogues With Spirit: Learning to Listen

Last week in my previous post I shared a little bit about my journey from psychologist to intuitive/psychic sensor and asked if anybody would be interested in reading channeled messages. Due to the positive response I received from that question, I will be sharing weekly messages on this site. Information received in channelings is generally practical, useful, and it always comes from a space of love. … Continue reading Dialogues With Spirit: Learning to Listen

Revelations of The Light

I am continually struck by just how much courage it really takes to follow your truth. I write these words 10 ½ weeks into our move to Kauai, under a starlit sky, as frogs chirp and other creatures of the nights buzz and whirl outside my window. I haven’t been writing much lately, sometimes, no matter how vital writing feels to heart source, you just … Continue reading Revelations of The Light

Magic Makers: from Cranberry Dusk

Every month I share an excerpt from one of my books. For September, I’m sharing an inspirational poem from Cranberry Dusk that encourages us to embrace our differences and uniqueness. Because this world needs more dreamers, visionaries, wishers, star gazers, and magic makers. In peace and love, BethAnne   Magic Makers You don’t have to be what this world tells you to be or kneel … Continue reading Magic Makers: from Cranberry Dusk