Heliotrope Nights: My Serenity Prayer

These days, time is sneaking by so quietly I almost forgot to announce that I have a new book coming out tomorrow (here’s a sneak peek via the trailer)! My wonderful publisher timed the release for World Environment Day since Heliotrope Nights is a celebration of nature and spirit and soul. The funny things about publication is that by the time the book is published you … Continue reading Heliotrope Nights: My Serenity Prayer

Flying Sideways

Past mid-March already and the first day of spring. The days of this month are sliding sideways, sometimes rubbing against one another getting a little stuck, sometimes slipping on past. Too quick to realize. I’ve finished my next poetry book. Doubted my book. Felt exhilarated by the book. Hated it. Revamped it. Tossed out a few pieces. Got inspired for new ones. Finally felt satisfied. … Continue reading Flying Sideways