Revelations of The Light

I am continually struck by just how much courage it really takes to follow your truth. I write these words 10 ½ weeks into our move to Kauai, under a starlit sky, as frogs chirp and other creatures of the nights buzz and whirl outside my window. I haven’t been writing much lately, sometimes, no matter how vital writing feels to heart source, you just … Continue reading Revelations of The Light

New Autumn: September Updates

We are halfway through September, and though the island of Kauai does not have yellow leaves or orange foliage or that crisp scent in the air, the mornings are getting a bit cooler; the high 80’s of August are dropping to the low 80’s as the trade winds slowly return; and I wore a pair of sweat pants the other evening for the first time … Continue reading New Autumn: September Updates